About OUR Organization

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to families with children and adults with autism and other cognitive and learning disabilities. We work directly with parents, insurance companies, school districts and other State agencies and provide one-on-one services to children and adults from all over the world. 

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is divided into two separate divisions.

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center (ATSC) provides psychological, behavior and academic tutoring services.  These services are provided  directly to the children and their families. 

World Class Learning Academy (WCLA) is a private school registered with the California Department of Education. The school uses the techniques of Visual Communication Analysis to provide educational services to children with autism.

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is dedicated to researching treatments and interventions primarily in autism and related disorders with a primary focus on severe autism, due to a sparsely populated research base. The group’s work includes topics related to the effective overall treatment options and methods, the use of technology in treatment, implementation of special education especially in public schools, socialization, and ethical practice, with a goal of improving the quality of life for the aforementioned populations.

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center was started in 2012 by Dalia and Gary Shkedy.  The Center was started initially to provide service for their son Ethan who is diagnosed with severe autism and is nonverbal. Since the inception of ATSC, Dalia and Gary have provided support and services to hundreds of children and adults with autism and other special needs from all over the world.

Funding for our services

As a non-profit we are always looking for grants to help subsidize the costs of our services. Sometimes we are successful and other times we rely on external sources for funding.

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center  is a non-public agency (NPA) registered with the California Department of Education to provide behavior intervention services. These services are provided directly to school districts who need related services to enable their students to have access to an education. In order to access funding from the school district, parents need to request our services from their child's school.

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is a out-of-network provider for most  medical insurance companies. Many of our families submit reimbursement requests to their medical insurance for psychological and behavior services. These families use Regional Center to fund the co-payment they have with their insurance.

Families also pay for our services directly especially for academic tutoring. Academic tutoring is not covered by medical insurance. Some school districts do provide funding for tutoring but you will need to contact your child's district to see if it is available.


Funding for partial scholarships is dependent on donors and it not always available. Military families receive priority in the allocation of funds.