About OUR Organization

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing services to families with children and adults with autism. We work directly with parents, insurance companies, school districts and other State agencies and provide one-on-one services to children and adults with autism. 

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center is divided into three separate divisions.

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center (ATSC) is a NPA (non-public agency) registered with the California Department of Education to provide behavior intervention services. These services are provided directly to school districts who need related services in order for their students to have access to an education.

World Class Learning Academy (WCLA) is a private school registered with the California Department of Education. The school uses the techniques of Visual Communication Analysis to provide educational services to children with autism.

ATSC provides psychological, behavior and academic tutoring services directly to families. This is funded either directly by the family or through other sources such as insurance or their local Regional Center.

Alternative Teaching Strategy Center was started in 2012 by Gary and Dalia Shkedy.  The Center was started initially to provide service for their son Ethan who is diagnosed with severe autism and is nonverbal. Since the inception of ATSC, Gary and Dalia have provided support and services to hundreds of children with autism from all over the world.