Autistic Feng Shui – better known as OCD

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lemonsEvery few months Ethan’s OCD kicks in and he has to rearrange things according to the autistic feng shui 🙂 . There is no rhyme or reason but things that used to be OK now bother him and he has to move them so that there is “order” in his life. Sometimes it has been paintings on the wall, other times sofas and chairs. Over the years we have learned that if he is in the “OCD zone” where he is sweating and so worked up, there is no negotiating and the only thing that calms him down is to allow him to express his “inner designer” and move them. Once he has moved things, he quickly calms down and things go back to normal. The only time we will not allow him to do what he wants is if it is dangerous and then the only alternative is to remove him from the environment until he calms down.

Most parents report that there is a correlation between OCD behavior and yeast overgrowth in the gut. While I know it is not true for every child the percentages are high enough that it warrants each parent to check it. If it is an issue, you can try an over-the-counter or natural anti-yeast therapy or you could ask your doctor to prescribe and anti-yeast and anti-fungal medicine. From our own experience, this works wonders and stop the OCD behavior for 3 – 5 months. Do not forget to replace the yeast with a natural probiotic.

Another cause of OCD behavior is constipation. If this happens for an extended period of time, the body starts to reabsorb the toxins which can then cause OCD behaviors. Ethan eats a large amount of fiber every day, but we find that he still needs help cleaning out his intestines. Every few months, we give him Dulcolax on the weekend to help him with his constipation. The next week he is like a new person and is able to concentrate and do his work.
For some parents the OCD is so bad that they have to resort to medication to control the behaviors and some have even used marijuana to help. Luckily, we have never had to resort to this as the above 2 methods seem to do the trick for Ethan.


By Dalia Shkedy – Ethan’s Mom

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