We started Alternative Teaching Strategy Center four years ago to show and teach people that there are alternatives methods of teaching children with autism. Over the years we have had much success, but every once in a while you have a student that is extraordinary that you feel compelled to share their story as an inspiration and symbol of hope for all those who are left behind because no one believes in them.

Kai is a 15 year old intelligent young man with severe autism. Within 3 short months he has made remarkable progress and has even started talking again. He has been taught using the same methods used to teach Ethan and has benefited from Visual Communication Analysis. Kai looks forward to each and every lesson and always has a smile on his face. He truly loves to learn. I want to thank the teachers at ATSC for their devotion to our special kids and who go above and beyond to help our kids. I would also like to thank his parents for believing in him and for all their hard work, unconditional love and dedication. Kai will continue to make quantum leaps.

Please watch Kai’s Story and feel free to share his story and help spread the message that we should never give up and to show that there are other ways to work with our kids, not just the failing methods that have been used to teach them for years.