When I first posted Ethan’s video (Breaking the autism glass ceiling) I wanted to show others how a nonverbal child could reach their full potential. I wanted to show that every child is teachable, and that you just have to find the correct method to teach them.
Ethan’s story managed to touch the dedicated father of a young man who is also nonverbal with severe autism. This loving father wanted to see if he could make a difference in his son’s life. He travels over an hour twice a week to the center, so we can work with his adorable son, Levi.

This is Levi’s story, a story about a 25 year old young man who is working hard to learn. He insists on trying until he gets it right. In only 6 weeks he has made remarkable progress. We feel blessed that Levi has joined our extended family and that he is helping us show the world that it is never too late to learn.

Please watch Levi’s Story and feel free to share his story and help spread the message that we should never give up and to show that there are other ways to work with our kids, not just the failing methods that have been used to teach them for years. I wish all our kids much love and success.


Everyone is teachable, you just have to find the right method to teach. It is never too late to start.